Nikki Z’s Music and Travel Expands to Africa

Nikki Z is a prominent influencer in Reggae and Dancehall.  As a host on radio and major international events, her reach influences North America and the Caribbean.  Her latest addition, travel, now expands her portfolio to include Africa.

VP: How did your career in music evolve to include travel?

NZ: As a radio personality and a leading voice in Caribbean media, I’ve spent years engaging audiences across the globe. From hosting major festivals like Best Of The Best, HotJam, Sumfest, Sting, and the annual Welcome to Jamrock Cruise, I’ve always been at the forefront of the reggae industry and its changes. But now, this new journey is one that blends my passion for music with my love for travel. I firmly believe that both music and travel have the power to heal and rejuvenate, and I’m committed to providing individuals with the ultimate experience that combines these two elements.

I even went the extra step and got Travel Curator certified, specializing in multiple African countries and Caribbean Travel to start. (Still earning more certificates as we speak)!

VP: Is Music and Travel for Individuals only?

NZ: No. I’ve been coordinating personalized tour groups to destinations and have begun offering curated tours where travelers can join me personally.

VP: What about performing artists who want to be involved?

NZ: I’m pioneering media tours for artists looking to connect with audiences in Africa, tapping into the continent’s deep-rooted appreciation for reggae culture and offering a platform for artists to expand their reach and increase streaming numbers.

This has been a much-needed addition to my newsletter where we target DJs worldwide with a heavy focus on African countries. I’ve learned in my travels many have a difficult time getting the latest music when released. So for me, life now is about things that push joy and peace, which is music and travel, and inviting the world to join me.

VP: Where can we learn more about what you are doing?

NZ: Music and Travel… just like the title of the new YouTube page! Follow there for the journey!