Job Summary:

Under general supervision, monitor, operate and maintain hardware, software, and network for total company.

Configure, assemble, and install workstation and/or peripheral equipment.

Train employees in software and business related issues.

Perform system backup and recovery activities.

Provide advanced troubleshooting.

Stay current on latest releases of application as well as relevant business knowledge.

Meet with staff to develop unique project plans to simplify implementation.

Participate in software/hardware testing.

Troubleshoot wireless connection and email issues for employees.

Install computer hardware and software as needed.

Perform simple repairs to computing and related equipment.


Qualifications and Skills:

High school diploma, GED or equivalent.

Minimum six months to one year of hands-on IT experience

Understanding of storage, servers, and Lans/Wans

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Job Summary:

Research media outlets and contacts to add to media list

Find innovative marketing and PR opportunities

Craft pitches to convince media to cover artists in their publications, television shows etc

Upload press releases onto the VP website

Upload contacts onto Sharepoint database

Facilitate and coordinate interviews with artists managers and media outlet

Assist with media lists at various events

Handle promo CD mailings to media

Help out with various marketing tasks as needed


Qualifications and Skills:

Be media savvy and know the ins and outs of the latest music trends Ability to network and meet people

Strong writer

Able to work some evenings and weekends for events

Prior music industry or social media marketing experience is a plus

Anywhere between 20-40 hours a week availability

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FROM MAY 1ST  2018 TO AUGUST 1ST  2018

Jamaican Jerk Festival NY LLC is seeking a Special Events intern this position offer an excellent opportunity for gaining hands-on experience for students interested in Marketing and Event Planning. The role of the Special Events Planning Intern is to assist with the coordination of all daily activities by working with and assisting the Special Events Office.

Job Summary:

Making journal or ledger entries.

Working with other members of the department to compile, analyze, and report financial data

Preparing weekly, monthly, financial reports and budgets.

Act as a point of contact between internal departments and accounting, serving as a liaison between accounting and external parties, including clients, suppliers, and lenders.

Using MS excel and entering information into company files or databases,

Ensuring that all financial records are complete and accurate.

Ensuring that invoice paid as well as compile financial reports and prepare invoices for clients

Implementing and enforcing financial and inventory controls.

Analyze and compare facts and figures,

Administer overall budgeting, accounting, and financial management

Write, review, analyze, and edit budgets

Responsible for creating report that compare department actual spending with budget projections from the previous year.

Qualifications and Skills:

Scheduling Facilitating

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Excellent knowledge of MS Office, Excel, Powerpoint

Demonstrate working knowledge of computer software packages, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and MS Word

Understand finance and accounting principles and practices, financial markets, and banking

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