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The Mission with Pablo YG

One of the notable sounds to emerge from Jamaica comes from that of Romeo Hines who performs under the name Pablo YG.  The multi-talented artist, deft in the genres of Reggae and Dancehall, combines upbeat tempo’s and eclectic sounds which pair for what some call his signature sound. His mission statement, “to live honestly and stay true to myself” is expressed in the stories he tells in his music.  Pablo…

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ZJ Sparks Performs at VP Records Happy Hour and Coney Island Amphitheatre

On Friday July 7th from 5-6pm EST ZJ Sparks selects a special music set of Reggae, Dancehall and Soca to celebrate the start of the Summer season. The world-renowned DJ, Host and social media influencer will pay special attention to Soca Gold 2023, showcasing the hottest songs from the acclaimed compilation produced by VP Records.  Opening for ZJ Sparks from 4:30 to 5pm is DJ Redd from Reggae King Radio. …

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Jahvillani Shifts Gears With “GAD Speed”

Dancehall artist Jahvillani’s newest release “GAD Speed” offers snapshots from the fast lane.  The song and video takes listeners on a high-speed joyride, laying down day-in-the-life verses colored by success and sacrifice. On the heals of the songs release, the artist announced performance dates in the Cayman Islands on July 8th, Los Angeles on July 9th and Reggae Sumfest on July 21st.  “GAD Speed” comes from Jahvillani’s upcoming project, Re[tro]spect,…

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Yellowman’s Zunggunzungguguzungguzeng Turns 40!

Yellowman’s Zunggunzungguguzungguzeng Turns 40! This Dancehall classic turns 40 this month!  Forty years ago, in June 1983, Greensleeves Records rode the wave of the hottest emcee in reggae and dancehall, Yellowman, to issue an enduring LP. The lyrical artist, born Winston Foster, had broken out in 1982 with the hits “I’m Getting Married,” “Duppy Or Gunman,” and “Lost Mi Love.” The single “Zunggunzungguguzungguzeng” was an instant sensation when it hit…

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Bad Like Brooklyn Dancehall

Bad Like Brooklyn Dancehall is a film project that explores the ‘80s and ‘90s emergence of Dancehall as Jamaican immigrants brought the music, dancing, and vibes of their home to New York City. Nicknamed the 15th Parish of Jamaica, New York City became home to an influential movement that saw dancehall rise alongside hip-hop and eventually spread across the country. Executive produced by Shaggy, this documentary brings in heavy hitters…

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Shaggy Has Listeners ‘In The Mood’

Pictured:  Shaggy | Photo Credit:  Martin Kierszenbaum   Shaggy is the only diamond-selling dancehall artist in music history.  His distinctive voice, combined with his melodic delivery of relatable themes make him one of the most recognized voices in Reggae and Dancehall.  His crossover successes (“It Wasn’t Me,” “Angel,” and “Bombastic” to name a few) make him the most streamed artist from the Caribbean. Shaggy’s latest sonic effort, ‘In The Mood,’…

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