Panama City Comes Out Strong For Dancehall Queen Spice At JB Production Gig!

(repost from Dancehall Mag)

Dancehall star Spice locked down Club Vibes in Panama City, Florida with a scintillating two-hour performance chock full of her high-energy Dancehall hits on Saturday.

In a commanding performance at the packed venue, she interacted with fans, and was obviously having a great time as she dished out numerous hits like So Mi Like ItRamping ShopTables TurnRomantic MoodNeedle Eye, and Back Way.

Fans barely gave the entertainer a chance to deliver her lines, as they took over —completely singing verse for verse the lyrics to hits like her 2011 banger Jim Screechy.

At one point, Spice stopped to ‘reason’ with her fans about Dancehall’s popularity in overseas markets.

“JB [Jermaine Baker], when yu call mi booking agent, you say nothing nah too gwaan over here, yu gimme the show fi lickle bit of money, mi waan more money!” she declared as a wave of laughter rippled through the crowd.

“JB, look pon mi fans and tell me now, look how the b—c—t club ram. How dem say dancehall nuh big ova yah? Dancehall nuh big over ya?” she asked the fans who shouted an emphatic ‘yes!’.



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