UK-Based V-Rocket International Sound Featured On Amazon Prime


Earlier this year, we featured noted UK-based sound, V-Rocket in our Peer to Peer section of Planet Reggae Newsletter.  The piece was met with much enthusiasm and commentary, namely readers applauding the accomplishments and longevity of V-Rocket Sound.

Amazon Prime is featuring a documentary about the legendary UK sound, and we are delighted to share this news!

VP:  V-Rocket has been active in the Soundsystem business since 1964 and this film documents the legacy of the Sound. What do you think is the key to V-Rockets longevity?

VR:  I think the key to the longevity is the ability to reinvent and bringing through the next generation. V.Rocket is a family and that certainly has kept us together. Our passion for the music and Soundsystem culture has also kept us going, it’s a way of life.

VP: Can you please tell us about your favourite memorable moment from V-Rocket’s vast history?

VR:  The trip to Jamaica in 1987 taking the full equipment with us was a remarkable experience. Not only did we fly down to Jamaica, we shipped our boxes down too. The entire sound! Imagine that.  We were welcomed by the legendary King Jammy and many other sounds and Dj’s. This trip hugely raised the profile of the sound, both in Jamaica and the U.K. It was a great experience for the crew going to the birthplace of Reggae music and being taken seriously. We came back a different sound

VP:  Where can our readers view the V-Rocket Documentary?

VR:  It’s streaming now on Amazon Prime…




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