Peer to Peer Focus: Poema Jones

Poema Jones is everything creative who draws some of her inspiration through music.  The painter, illustrator, and designer comes from Suriname roots.and describes herself as a raggamuffin living offgrid in Gambia. 

Poema repatriated to the Gambia, Africa from Amsterdam in November 2017 to pursue a more natural, free life as a creative.

VP:  How did you get your start in your creative ventures?

PJ:  Ah!  That’s an interesting story. After my father passed away in 2007 i started making hand painted earrings from beads and wood as therapy. I was making so many that A friend of mine told another friend who was organising the first art market in Amsterdam, and she invited me to join. I did and enjoyed it so much shortly after i opened my first webshop.

VP:  What was your first notable project?

PJ:  Going to Kingston, Jamaica and doing my first mural at the Fleetstreet open wall project. That was the dopest ish! There i was – never done a mural before, never painted with an audience before. It took me two days in the hot sun but in the end we got something. This mural ended up in so many videos, from Sting and Shaggy, to Koffees video, and many more.  You can take a look here

VP:  What was your first breakthrough?

PJ:  Having Miss Erykah Badu herself write to me and wanting to rock one of my heads. And so she did wear it and when she posted it – wow – that was the coolest ish.  

VP:  What are you working on now/ next?

PJ:  Oohh!  Mama is off to some new adventures. I just moved to the bush to start my offgrid project.  The idea is to live offgrid and start a bush restaurant / creative space type thing. And stream the content on my Patreon.

I’m experimenting with food preservation and making things from scratch. On weekends I’m hosting a food event @foodooyard where i will be stirring my pots and brewing my kettles and cool creative people can come hold a vibes.

VP:  What reggae are you currently listening too?

PJ:  I love me some roots reggae – with the original cool ruler – the late and great Gregory Isaacs always on replay. But BlckHero is a great new artist that is worth a listen ❤💛💚