Greensleeves Records x Tate Britain “Life Between The Islands” New Art Exhibition

Featuring over 40 British artists, Life Between The Islands traces over 70 years of Caribbean British art. The track Worries and Troubles by Tannoi has been selected for the soundtrack accompanying the promotional video showcasing the exhibition. The track was released in 1985 on UK Bubblers label, a Greensleeves subsidiary label.

Exploring the works of British Caribbean artists, alongside other British artists influenced and inspired by Caribbean themes and heritage, the exhibit celebrates the new communities and identities forged in post-war Britain and their impact on British culture and society.

Spanning visionary paintings to documentary photography, fashion, film and sculpture, Life Between Islands traces the extraordinary breadth and impact of Caribbean British art, in one setting.  Artists featured: Aubrey Williams, Donald Locke, Horace Ové, Sonia Boyce, Claudette Johnson, Peter Doig, Hurvin Anderson, Grace Wales Bonner and Alberta Whittle.


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