Jess Badee is Energy Personified

Jess Badee is a professional DJ, dancer, choreographer and model based in London.

Born and raised in Italy, her dad is from the Ivory Coast and she regularly travels to Jamaica.  Dance has especially connected her to dance crews in Jamaica allowing her to soak in the vibes, grooves, and flows.  Energy is something that is never lacking when Jess is dancing and DJing.

When Corona hit the world in 2020, she took the chance to learn more about how to DJ, a passion that she already had but her lifestyle before lockdown was too busy to dedicate time to.

In 2021, she became one of the resident DJs of the well-known Caribbean inspired restaurant ‘The Rum Kitchen.’  She plays in clubs, dancehall parties, opens at live concerts, private parties and dance battles.

VP:  How did you get into Dancehall?

JB:  I got into Dancehall a bit more when I moved in London as the Caribbean culture was much more present than in Italy. I felt I wanted to know and learn more about the culture, this is when I have started going to Jamaica once or twice a year.

VP:  What’s been your biggest career highlight to date?

JB:  My biggest career highlight as a choreographer is choreographing for the Official World Cup ‘Live It Up’ by Nicki Jam feat. Will Smith & Era Istrefi representing Dancehall.  As a DJ, DJ’ing in front of tens of thousands people on the main stage of Sumol Summer Festival in Portugal.

VP:  What artists are on your radar and why?

JB:  Definitely Amaria BB, she is an artist from the UK, she’s young, fresh, talented, I have seen her perform live many times and she has stage presence and she can dance!

VP:  What have you got lined up for 2023?

JB:  I am hosting a radio show for DejaVu Radio for RumNBass with Serocee; I have a few festivals coming up and more!

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