ALBOROSIE EMBARKS ON 2019 WEST COAST TOUR International Reggae Artist to Hit Salt Lake City Tonight, Followed by San Diego, Santa Ana, Las Vegas and LA

“Music knows no boundaries, Music is an international force, an international language. From Sicily to Kingston, Jamaica, this is Alborosie. Real, authentic reggae music.” -David Rodigan

International Reggae Artist Alborosie has launched his West Coast Tour with upcoming dates in Salt Lake City (6/4), San Diego (6/6), Santa Ana (6/7), Las Vegas (6/8) and Los Angeles (6/9). The tour, which began at Cali Roots on May 26th marks the artists first run in West Coast this year.  
Alborosie released “Alborosie Meets The Roots Radics “Dub For The Radicals” on Friday January 18th of this year. The project was engineered, produced and mixed by Alborosie using vintage analog gear, dub sirens, reel to reel tape, and live instrumentation from Alborosie and reggae icons the ‘Roots Radics’. This release marked the first album to come out of VP Records 40th anniversary, which will be celebrated throughout the year. The project followed his 2018 release, “Unbreakable: Alborosie Meets The Wailers United”, which was released on June 29, 2018 with members of Bob Marley’s former backing band The Wailers.  

Both bodies of work exemplify Alborosie’s continued work to preserve reggae music by working with the originators and helping to connect reggae music with fans around the world.   On “Dub For The Radicals”, some instantly familiar Roots Radics melodic riffs show up throughout the album such as parts from the hit song “Night Nurse” float through the hard-hitting drums on ‘Midnight Dub Raves.’

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