VP Records Featured in KITH and Vault by Vans’ “Love Thy Community” Series

VP Records is deeply honored to have been featured in the latest installment of “Love Thy Community,” KITH and Vault by Vans’ collaborative program highlighting minority-owned businesses that have played a significant role in their communities. The partnership has produced a capsule collection that includes limited-edition, VP-themed Vans Authentic OG shoes, and a graphic t-shirt.

The Vault by Vans capsule collection was released on August 19 and is exclusively available at VP’s flagship store located at 170-19 Jamaica Ave, Jamaica, Queens, and online at vpreggae.com.

Now in its fifth installment, the “Love Thy Community” series seeks to amplify the voices of its partners in new ways. “VP Records stands out and remains highly appreciated for its values. The company has always remained rooted in its community and has a strong family work ethic,” said KITH.

Founded in 1979 in Queens by Chinese-Jamaican immigrants Vincent and Patricia Chin, VP Records began with the ambition to spread reggae music across the globe without losing sight of where it’s coming from. Several generations of the family now carry out that mission.

“We would not be here without the community; it is the heart of our business. It comes first because it is the initial source and soul of who we are,” said CJ Chin, project lead and grandson of Vincent and Patricia.

As part of the partnership, several members of the Chin family sat down with KITH to explore their community, delve into their history, and shed light on the family’s ongoing involvement in running the business. That conversation can be read here.

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