Theresa Roberts Appointed Ambassador

Jamaica Patty Company founder, Theresa Robert,s has been appointed as an Ambassador/ Special Investment Envoy for Culture & Arts by the Jamaican Government.

Theresa, who is based in London and with a home in Jamaica, commented on her recent appointment “I am absolutely delighted to accept this appointment. I have tried to promote my country throughout my entire working career and to be recognised for my efforts by the Jamaican Government is incredibly meaningful to me. This new role makes me even more determined to do everything I can to assist in the development of Jamaica.”

VP:  How did your journey in arts and culture start?

TR:  I started collecting Jamaican visual art following a holiday where I saw some paintings that reminded me of my childhood growing up in Jamaica.Prior to starting my collection I researched the Jamaican art scene with the help of Guy Mcintosh (a well known Jamican dealer) and Edward Lucie-Smith (the Jamaican art critic) and numerous visits to the National Gallery in Kingston.

Theresa has arranged many high-profile Jamaican visual art exhibitions in the UK including at The House of Lords, the London HQ of the European Union and Cambridge University. Most recently part of her private collection was exhibited in the critically acclaimed “Jamaica Making” exhibition at the Victoria Gallery organised by the University of Liverpool.

In addition, Theresa has assisted Jamaican national sports teams (most notably Rugby and Football) and has hosted a variety of influential guests from the fields of sport, art, business and politics at her Jamaican home, showing them the best, the country has to offer.

VP:  What do you have planned for 2023 and future projects?

TR:  I am hoping to stage the “Jamaica Making” exhibition at other UK educational venues in 2023 as well as exploring investment opportunities for UK based investors wanting to invest in Jamaican projects.