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Peer to Peer with Jamaican Dave – Philly’s Reggae Promo King!

A central figure in the Reggae landscape in Philadelphia is Jamaican Dave.  Having been a part of the city’s most significant Reggae moments, and as an Ambassador of the culture, we thought it important to highlight him … he is Philadelphia’s Reggae promo King afterall. VP:  Is it fair to say that you are Philadelphia’s self-appointed reggae promo king? JD:  I’ll start with the saying, “So a man sow, so…

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Peer to Peer with KerryAnn Brown

  Promotions is a role that all artists need, yet it cannot be filled by just anyone.  KerryAnn Brown has made a name for herself in promotions.  Connecting the right people to the right platforms is just a part of the reason why she is so effective. VP:  How did you get your start in the business? KAB:  I got started in the music entertainment industry in 2010 by promoting…

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