Spice and Son Nicho’s “Po-Po” Re-Focuses Black Lives Matter Narrative


Spice Queen of Dancehall and son Nicho re-focuses the Black Lives Matter narrative with the release of the music video for their collaboration song “Po-Po.”  The song expresses a mother’s protection of her male-child and the youths fear of being stopped by police.  The music video is equally impactful and set to premiere on Saturday February 26th at 12pm EST on Spice’s YouTube channel.

Taken from her debut album 10, the single “Po-Po” is a double-entendre playing on the term adults use in reference to police, and on the other hand playing on the term ‘po’ in reference to being scolded for doing something wrong.

Nicho, a 14-year-old black youth living in Atlanta, GA, had to be taught about do’s and don’ts of what to do if stopped by the police.  Spice took the precautionary measure with her son to keep him safe.  Noting these conversations, Nicho “wanted to do a song and that’s how we got the idea for “Po-Po.””

About the recording process Spice said “he’s 14 years old and he’s on my record about justice.  I am so proud of him.”

The music video was shot on location in Atlanta.  A co-collaboration between Jay Budd Media and directed by renowned music video and film director Jay Will (Shaggy, Kanye West, Sean Paul), Spice and Nicho’s words come to life when actors portray the fear and concern of being stopped by police.  Nicho and Spice also appear in the video.

About the video Jay Will says “It’s important to express how many feel, and leave the door open for dialog with the police about practices so both sides have better interactions.”

Join Spice, Nicho and her global community of besties for the premiere of “Po-Po” on YouTube.  Reserve your spot by clicking here:  https://youtu.be/bKsXctsJ6Hs