SoSiqInk Brings Animation to Spliffington’s Strictly The Best Cover Art

Cover art has always been a leading element in VP Records Strictly The Best compilation series.  Vol. 63 of the longest-running series, sees the esteemed artwork of Spliffington, who conceptualized a female’s hand holding the cover of Strictly The Best, in the palm of her hand and on her phone.

Expanding that concept, Shaquille Campbell aka SoSiqInk created a 3D character who dances within the Strictly The Best Vol. 63 cover.  The result is motion graphics that sees this year’s project stand out.  We caught up with Siq.

VP:  What inspired you to become a graphic artist and when did you get into 3D art?

S:  I became a graphic designer because I like to create stuff.  I used to draw a lot with pencil and paper, then I went to painting.  I really like creating – bringing people’s ideas to reality.  I was also surrounded by people who are artists as well.

I got into 3D in 2020.  I did 2D and I wanted to evolve into another medium which became 3D  My first experience in 3D was with Alkaline for a song called “Bare Back.”

VP:  What do you enjoy most about 3D Art?

S:  I love that this art is so flexible and allows me to incorporate it into so many other things I do.  I can do cover art, music video’s and more.  I enjoy that.

VP:  What is the concept behind the 3D dancer in the Cyaah Done video?

S:  That character is me!  It’s a virtual representation of me – I came up with the idea of this virtual influencer because I haven’t seen it done in Jamaica.  I wanted my work to speak for me and Siq the character does that.  He speaks for me.

VP:  What are your top 3 Dancehall songs right now?

S:  Three songs on my playlist that is on repeat is Alkaline “LumSum,” Kraff “Risk” and Pablo YG “Radar.”  I really enjoy those three songs.  There are others, but those are my top three.

VP:  When we check back with you in 2 years, where do you think you will be and who will you be working with?

S:  I can’t answer that because I am always evolving.  I don’t stay at one level for too long.  I surround myself with people who push me to newer and higher levels.  I would like to work with a major corporate brand.  I also look forward to working with major international artist; a rapper, someone from Afrobeats etc.

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