Shuga Shares Her Joy For Christmas

Christmas is a special time of year that comes with festivities. social gatherings paired with great food and timely music (and maybe an ugly sweater) make for memorable moments.

Reggae songstress Shuga has covered the song “All I Want For Christmas” which is included on the VP Records Christmas album Reggae Christmas.  We caught up with Shuga to talk about this special time of year!

VP:  What is it about Christmas that brings out the joy (glow) in you?

S:  Waking up everyday is a magical thing and I appreciate life and every single day I have it, but there’s a certain joy that comes with Christmas that I just can’t explain. Coming to the end of the year and reflecting on all the obstacles that I’ve overcome makes me feel so favored and blessed, spending meaningful time with family friends and loved ones, the tears laughter and memories, the colorful bright lights and beautiful decorations, not to mention the food and the heartwarming carols that warms the season and the giving and sharing with those in need so that they too can experience the joy of the season. All makes me glow and calls for celebration.

VP:  What are your favorite ‘eats’ at this time of the year?

S:  I’m an Island girl born and raised in Montego Bay, Jamaica in a small community called Bogue. Growing up I never had the luxury of celebrating Christmas the way they did it on TV, so my Christmas eats would’ve been whatever was prepared but now I have so many favorites and by that I mean everything on the menu especially that Christmas fruit cake soaked with wine.

VP:  You did an amazing performance/cover of All I Want For Christmas.  Tell us 2 of your favorite Christmas songs?

S:  My two favorite Christmas songs are “All I Want for Christmas” and “This Christmas,” they both capture the essence of the Christmas season, so much that if you played them in summer the whole world would believe it’s time.

VP:  How does Christmas look at your house?  Lots of decorations?  Big family dinner?

S:  At my house Christmas is more food and laughter than decorations.  I have a big family, more siblings, nieces nephews and cousins than the beds can hold, so we all cuddle up like big kids on the floor watching movies together on Christmas Eve, then we roast breadfruit with salt fish rundown on Christmas morning to start the day. We all take part in preparing the food, while my dad and big brother plays music on Dads sound system and the children are either dancing or playing games outside. when dinner is ready we bring food in sanitary boxes for the homeless people in our town.

VP:  If you had the opportunity, what would you do for all children around the world for Christmas?

S:  There are so many children around the world living in conditions that no child should ever have to experience. Every single child should know and feel unconditional love, every child wants to feel needed and deserves to know they are special. If I had the opportunity I would grant all the children in the world that one thing they truly desire, I would give them a Christmas miracle that would make them smile and feel a joyfulness that would last throughout the year and they would call me Santa Shuga!