Shaggy’s Boombastic Radio

SiriusXM announced that Grammy Award-winning reggae icon Shaggy is launching an exclusive year-round SiriusXM channel, Shaggy’s Boombastic Radio. Bringing listeners Shaggy’s favorite reggae, dancehall and afrobeats music, the channel is now available to subscribers in their cars on channel 332 and on the SiriusXM app. The channel was announced as part of SiriusXM’s Next Generation Industry and Press Preview event in New York.

Shaggy’s Boombastic Radio, curated entirely by Shaggy, invites listeners to immerse themselves in the sounds of reggae, dancehall and vibrant afrobeats. From the iconic rhythms of Sean Paul and Lady Saw to the dynamic sounds of Wizkid and Burna Boy, Shaggy’s Boombastic Radio is packed with songs that will get everyone moving while celebrating the rich musical traditions of the Caribbean and Africa.

Shaggy’s Yaad, the reggae icon’s current show which first debuted on SiriusXM’s FLY and is now in its third successful year, will now regularly air on Shaggy’s Boombastic Radio. The show, hosted by Shaggy, takes listeners on a cultural journey with a wide mix of rare and classic tracks spanning the hip-hop, dancehall and reggae genres.

Born Orville Richard Burrell and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, Shaggy got his start as an MC in New York City’s burgeoning dancehall scene soon after moving to Brooklyn in his teens. Not long after serving four years in the U.S. Marines (including two tours of duty in the Middle East as part of Operation Desert Storm), he inked his first record deal and quickly scored a global crossover smash with “Oh Carolina.”

He has received 2 Grammy Awards and is among the top 3 streamed reggae artists of all time on Spotify.