Romain Virgo Receives Tour Sponsorship

VM Building Society NY Rep Office and VM Money Transfer Services joins with VP Music Group to Sponsor Romain Virgo’s “The Gentle Man Tour”.

VM Building Society is thrilled to announce its partnership with VP Music Group to sponsor Romain Virgo’s highly anticipated “The Gentle Man Tour” This collaboration between VM and VP Music Group underscores a shared commitment to promoting Jamaican culture and supporting local talent on the global stage.

“The Gentle Man Tour” promises to deliver unforgettable performances. With VM Building Society’s support the tour aims to celebrate Jamaica’s vibrant music scene while showcasing Romain Virgo’s exceptional talent and captivating stage presence.

“We are delighted to partner with VP Music Group to support Romain Virgo’s ‘The Gentle Man Tour’,” said Natasha Service, Chief Representative Officer, VM Building Society (NY Rep. Office). “At VM we recognize the power of music to unite communities and inspire positive change. Through this partnership, we aim to amplify Romain Virgo’s great talent and promote the rich cultural heritage of our island nation.”

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VP Music Group, a renowned record label and distributor specializing in reggae and dancehall music, brings decades of industry expertise and a deep-rooted passion for Jamaican music to the partnership. Together with VM Building Society, VP Music Group is committed to providing Romain Virgo with the support and resources needed to deliver an unforgettable musical experience to fans.

“We are excited to join forces with VM Building Society and Money Transfer to sponsor Romain Virgo’s ‘The Gentle Man Tour’,” said Chris Chin, CEO of VP Music Group. “Romain Virgo is a phenomenal talent, and his music embodies the spirit and soul of Jamaica. With the support of VM and VP Music Group, we are confident that ‘The Gentle Man Tour’ will leave a lasting impression on audiences everywhere.”

As part of the sponsorship, VM Building Society, VM Money Transfer Services and VP Music Group will engage fans through various activations and initiatives, including ticket giveaways, exclusive meet-and-greet opportunities, and social media promotions. Fans can follow sponsors and VP Music Group on social media for updates and chances to win exciting prizes.