Remembering Bobby Digital — Iconic Jamaican Producer!

(repost from Caribbean National Weekly)

It was only three days before today’s date in 2020 when shock waves ran through the entertainment industry following the death of Jamaica’s iconic producer ‘Bobby Digital’.

The technical genius, whose given name is Robert Dixon, was being treated for kidney-related issues on May 21, 2020, when he succumbed to the illness and died.

The highly revered producer is credited as the one who ushered in the style of digital music and productions for reggae and dancehall music. Some of his chart-topping hits include Sizzla’s ‘Black Woman and Child’, Buju Banton’s ‘Till I’m Laid to Rest’, Garnet Silk’s ‘It’s Growing’, Morgan Heritage’s ‘Don’t Haffi Dread’ and a barrage of other well-known and loved songs in reggae and dancehall music.

His musical colleagues and friends describe him as a man of “charisma and good spirits who is respected all over the world”.

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