Reggae Chat Global – Promoting Reggae Culture

Sophie Bisset and Reggae Chat Global Team

Planet Reggae spoke to Sophie Bisset, Business and Events Director at REGGAE CHAT GLOBAL, a London-based online entertainment platform that creates and supports operators and artists within the global Reggae industry, its artists, and the Caribbean diaspora.  The platform promotes people and culture to the Caribbean Diaspora, and wider audiences.

VP:  How did Reggae Chat Global come about?

SB:  Reggae Chat Global started when Michael Garrison our founder saw there was a lack of content being produced and viewed about our history. When we met, we were both passionate about telling the story of the music and our cultural story to a wider audience. We soon decided to create visual content that documented the history of the music and the artists, paving the way to inspire and create an archive for the music for the future.

VP:  What have been the highlights of working at RCG?

SB:  The highlight for me has been the opportunity to work together as a team to make it all happen – our experiences and passion for the music and culture keeps us motivated and inspired to continue.  We love watching the platform grow and reach new audiences. It’s a real movement and everyone on the team is dedicated to its purpose.

VP:  What have you found challenging?

SB:  The challenges have been the environment that we’re working in where doors are not always open, the lack of access and opportunity to be able to present content to other media outlets who can extend it to a wider audience.

VP:  What are your plans for the future?

SB:  We have a multitude of future plans at RCG. We’re setting it up to be the GO TO Outlet for sourcing Reggae Music, its History and Archives, Festivals Events, Tickets and RCG Merchandise. We’re about to launch a new website bringing together global reggae unity!