New Album (Oct 16) – Clarks In Jamaica – Island’s Love Affair w/ Shoe Brand



ON OCTOBER 16, 2015

A Companion to DJ Al Fingers’ Coffee Table Book Carrying the Same Name

Inspired by The Iconic Footwear Brand’s Role in Jamaica
“There aren’t many footwear labels that have been able to transcend time and culture as effortlessly as Clarks. A brand that once solely represented the blue-collar working Englishman of the mid 20th century, by the 1970s it had transformed into an icon of luxury style for downtown Kingston youth…A shoe as versatile as going to school, going to the beach, going out to the bar and then back out to dinner all in the same day, Clarks are the perfect fit for the Caribbean lifestyle.”  
– OkayPlayer LargeUp
“From ever since, Clarks is a number one shoe inna Jamaica…not just now. Clarks stand the test of time inna Jamaica. All the other shoes come and bow right down at Clarks’ foot.” – Bunny ‘Striker’ Lee
“Hold up your foot and show your Clarks booty, show crowd of people that you’re trash and ready” – Little John
Greensleeves, in conjunction with One Love Books, is proud to present Clarks in Jamaica, the album tie-in with Al Fingers’ critically acclaimed book of the same name which chronicles the celebrated status of Clarks shoes in Jamaica. The compilation, to be released on October 16th, 2015 on CD, vinyl and digital download,  will showcase classics from the golden age of dancehall music that celebrates Jamaica’s love affair with the iconic English footwear brand.

Al, who compiled the album, says “Growing up in England I’ve always been fascinated by the Jamaican love of Clarks

Henry Junjo Lawes in Clarks
(Photo by George Williams)

shoes and the way the brand is referenced within reggae and dancehall music. Vybz Kartel’s tune ‘Clarks’ brought the phenomenon to many people’s attention in 2010, but the relationship goes back a lot longer, and I wanted to bring attention to that, highlighting the work of artists such as Dillinger and Little John who sang about Clarks many years before.”

Okayplayer LargeUp breaks down Jamaica’s history with the shoe and announces details of the Clarks
In Jamaica compilation, raving that it “bounces along with harmonious melodies while featuring a multitude of classic artists vocalizing lyrics either in ode or in reference to the Clarks brand.”

Clarks Original also headed to Jamaica this year to hear the island’s own Major Stitch (AKA Jah Stitch) give his perspective on Clarks Desert Bootie:

Clarks In Jamaica – Various Artists – CD Track Listing
1.Little John – Clarks Booty
2.Richie Davis – Lean Boot
3.Trinity – Clarks Booty Skank
4.Dillinger – CB 200
5.Laurel & Hardy – Dangerous Shoes
6.Ranking Joe – Clarks Booty Style
7.Supercat – Trash And Ready
8.Little John – Brandy
9.Scorcher – Put On Me Clarks
10. Early B – Pedestrian
11.Culture – She Want Money
12.Robert French – Rebel Girl
13.Josey Wales – Love I Want
14. Papa Dimes – Thru Me
15.Little John – Joycie Gone
16.Billy Boyo – Going Back To School
17.Eek-A-Mouse – Wa-Do-Dem
18.Little Harry – Leggo Mi Queen
19.Papa Michigan & General Smiley – The Ghetto Man
20.Nicodemus – Tubby’s Daddy
21.Michael Palmer – No More Lean BootClarks In Jamaica – Various Artists – Vinyl Track Listing
Side 1
1.Little John – Clarks Booty
2.Richie Davis – Lean Boot
3.Trinity – Clarks Booty Skank
4.Dillinger – CB 200
5.Laurel & Hardy – Dangerous Shoes
6.Ranking Joe – Clarks Booty Style

Side 2
1.Supercat – Trash And Ready
2.Little John – Brandy
3.Scorcher – Put On Me Clarks
4.Early B – Pedestrian
5.Culture – She Want Money
6.Robert French – Rebel Girl