For those who’ve been waiting for Rasta consciousness to mount resurgence in contemporary reggae, Jah9 is a figure of revelation and deliverance.  The Jamaican-born singer-songwriter, poet and producer, who has been covered by the likes of Vogue and Vice about her crucial role in the coined “reggae revival,” boasts a diverse musical range with inflections of soul and jazz deeply rooted in her sound.

She broke in the international reggae scene in 2014 with her debut album New Name featuring her bright yet symbolic single “Avocado.”  Now she returns with her sophomore album ‘9’ on 9/9. The nine-track selection is available for pre-order now via on VP Records/Steam Chalice Records.

‘9’ fulfills the promise of her earlier releases with expansive maturity, prophetic purpose and even deeper displays of warrior-goddess prowess on the mic. The combination of intellectual rigor, real world activism and lyrical musicality is well on display.

Jah9 expresses, “The number 9 is very intentional. It represents the unfolding of the spiral, a renewal in preparation for what is ahead. The Unknown is being embraced and there is no fear of the darkness: the feminine. The Year of Nine (2+0+1+6) brings this energy. It is thus a most appropriate time to share this vibration.”

Jah9’s journey is align with this cycle, evident on the opening track “Humble Mi.” She explains that “the song was inspired by my whole journey and life unfolding, teaching me that knowing is not the journey because you will always have to know more. The journey is peace, love and balancing the energies within.”

To spark this type of revelation and peace within, her nine-minute hypnotic track “In The Spirit,” invites listeners to clear their minds and delve into a soulful exploration filled with lush instrumentation.

Thematically, there is no slacking in oppositional militancy. “This is warfare,” she commands on the compelling and necessary track”Unafraid,” which tackles the issue of child molestation head on. “Greatest Threat To The Status Quo” challenges ideals and embraces the powers of feminine energy with words like ”We are not separate /All emanating from the same divine plan/ So persecution of the feminine is the reason for the state the world is in/ A spiritual woman is the greatest threat to the status quo/ The fruits she will bare/ The power she has access to.”

She carries the same lyrical precision and confidence on the harmonically sophisticated romantic standout “Natural Vibe,” a song of tightly coiled desire. ”My senses do not deceive me /These intense vibrations will crescendo one day real soon / This complicated melody will find its harmony in tune When the stars are aligned under the height of the moon.”

Beyond her strengths as a lyricist, Jah9 is delivers an impressive performance as the primary producer of this  project. Additional collaborators include Andrew Campbell, Brecht De Beover, Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith, Tippy I of I Grade Records and Franklyn Irving (who also produced Jah9’s “Steamers A Bubble”).

In support of her anticipated release, Jah9 is hitting the live show circuit. She wrapped her U.S. portion of her Year of 9 (2+0+1+6) World Tour and is currently taking Europe by storm with fiery, righteous and commanding performances. She then heads to the motherland of Africa to deliver her message in September. She has a variety of festival and club dates mixed with select  “Yoga on Dub” events, where she incorporates the practice into her live performance. Visit www.Jah9.com for full tour schedule.