Introducing Jah9’s Note To Self Challenge; A self exploration campaign

Jah9 extends a hearty invite to join her for the Note to Self Challenge . In an effort to use all she has learned through psychology, musicianship, yoga and more, she has put together a six week personal program aimed at starting one on their journey to be a better person.
This program has been put together though the support and partnership of LifeCraft Wellness in collaboration with Synergy Yoga, Wanene Entertainment and Waasili Asilia. All collaborators are companies operating in East Africa.
The Note to Self Challenge began July 11 and the only cost is time and energy. This is a non-competitive virtual challenge designed for all who are ready to know themselves and ready to grow themselves. The many benefits of this self-exploration journey will unfold during each week of the six-week self-focused program. Participants can have confidence in knowing that she is gathering some of the purest light to serve as guides on this inward retreat.
Together participants will not just learn, but practice the benefits of journaling, planning, self-checking, habit-tracking, and yoga. And again, the cost is nothing more than time and energy. Jah9 concludes, “Through my music and practice, I have shared myself with you, and I have looked even deeper within on my most recent album, Note to Self. Is it time now to turn the tables and get to know you better? Are you up for the Note to Self Challenge?”
• [July 11-24] Are you ready to dive within so that you can shine brighter? The first two weeks of the NTS Challenge will explore self-love.
• [July 25-August 7] Are you ready to search within so that you can connect more purposefully? The second cycle examines self-study.
• [August 6-21] And the final installment of the NTS Challenge focuses on self-governance, where we will learn to let go in order to take control. In this time where so much seems uncertain, we must become our best selves if we are to flow successfully with the changing tides.
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