Introducing F.Y.A.H. (Free Your Authentic Heart)

(Pictured:  F.Y.A.H.)

F.Y.A.H. is the latest project of Delroy “Pele” Hamilton, a co-founder, leader, and bassist of the popular Jamaican reggae band Raging Fyah. With three albums, including the GRAMMY-Nominated album “Everlasting” under his belt, Pele decided to dive deeper into music production when the pandemic hit and isolation became the new normal. “I challenged myself tobecome a better writer, musician, producer and this led to the birth of F.Y.A.H.”

Watch F.Y.A.H. Live at Sugarshack Sessions and look out for the band supporting Landan McNamara’s West Coast tour next month.  The brand-new single by F.Y.A.H featuring Steel Pulse entitled “Freedom Fighter” will be released August 18th, 2023.

Pele’s journey to F.Y.A.H has been long and winding, but these experiences have allowed him to create music that resonates deeply with people. “The power of music is when it comes straight from the heart. That’s when it truly connects with people. They can feel that vibration,” he says. While reggae still remains at the core of F.Y.A.H., Pele also incorporated other genres and influences to create a unique sound that reflects his personal journey and experiences. “I have a deep love for reggae music, but as a musician, I also appreciate other styles. You’ll hear those influences in this new F.Y.A.H. project, but at the heart of it all, it’s always reggae music. I’m not trying to change that,” Pele explains.

Pele collaborated with talented musicians, including guitarist Nicolas Groskopf and vocalist.  Elton Earlington, to create F.Y.A.H.’s debut album, “Free Your Authentic Heart.” This album features a dozen new tracks of roots reggae style with a message of hope, resilience, and love. “I poured my heart into these songs. This is me, not an act,” Pele shares.  “Free Your Authentic Heart” is set to be released next year on the Dub Rockers / VP Records imprint.  The band will be touring in support. Pele is excited to share this body of work with the world and continue to create music that reflects his authentic self. “I’m pleased with the result of the songs,” Pele says. “I’m happy with the consistency and message. I’m ready to deliver this body of work to the world.” More projects from F.Y.A.H. are already in the works so look out!

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