Honors Women in Reggae

Jessica Lipsky, Editor-In-Chief for, wrote an article highlighting Women’s History Month with a focus on Reggae. As we celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th, and the month of March being Women’s History Month, we take another read of this piece.

When many people think of reggae, one name immediately comes to mind: Bob Marley. The legend is just one of many prominent men—including the late Bunny Wailer and Toots Hibbert—whose voice and production work get major credit for shaping the popular Jamaican genre as well as other sounds of the Caribbean.

The reality is women have built much of Jamaica’s musical scene. From the freedom sounds of ska to reggae’s conscious lyrics and grooving downbeat—which originated in the late ’60s before catching fire worldwide the following decade—to the sexually suggestive, digitized and dubbed out world of dancehall that sprung up in the ’80s, women are the largely unheralded backbone of these sounds.

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