Dance with Princess k

Princess k is a 15-year-old award winning Dancer, Actress, Speaker Confidence Advocate, and Content Creator

Princess k

Hailing from North London with Jamaican decent and cultural heritage, Princess k is making an impact in the dance scene in the UK and internationally. Working with iconic artists and musicians alike, Princess k is about to make her mark as one of the leading faces of dance for her generation.

VP:  What do you love about Reggae and Dancehall culture?

PK:  The thing I love about reggae Dancehall culture is how loving and free it is. There are things like carnivals and festivals which bring the community of Reggae and Dancehall together, and as someone who attends some of the events representing the genres, I can say from experience that I love them.

VP:  How did you get into Dance?

PK:  My family’s musical inclination influenced my passion for dance. Taking classes and exploring open dance spaces provided me with endless opportunities and allows me to express myself and enhance my dance skills. Embracing these experiences has also allowed me to foster a deeper connection with the art form, have fun, and allow the music to take over me.

VP:  What have been your career highlights so far? And what are you looking forward to in 2024?

PK:  The highlights of my career so far have been performing with artists like Stormzy at Glastonbury, Davido and Wizkid at the O2 arena, and the amazing Ms. Lauryn Hill at Love Supreme (Festival) to name a few, which where all amazing opportunities, In 2024, I hope to further my success by performing with reggae and dancehall artists.

VP:  Who are your top Reggae/ Dancehall artists? And why?

PK:  In the realm of reggae, Bob Marley stands out as my top pick. His music encapsulates the essence of reggae, focusing on good times, family, and pure vibes, embodying the core values of reggae. Moving to Dancehall, Popcaan is my favorite artist, as he authentically captures the spirit of Dancehall culture in his music, radiating pure energy and positive vibes. Their contributions resonate deeply with the roots and essence of both reggae and dancehall music.

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