Choreography Moves Music On Social Media

(Pictured:  Gabbidon)

Dance crews who share choreographed dance routines on social media platforms are increasing in popularity.  Their short-form videos are engaging and help expand an artists audience and fan base.  Ghetto Kids from Uganda have popularly danced to songs from Beenie Man, Burna Boy and TeeJay.

Recently, Konshens and IWaata’s song “Cyaah Done” received international love from Dance Crews who created their own dance for the song.  Rifical Crew from New York began the challenge which continued with Canadian dancer Certified Weirdo. Lauren Hall from The U.K. shared her routine on Tik Tok and Gabbidon from Jamaica added his dance to social media.  Gabbidon, an accomplished dancer, created the Drift dance which started an international trend.

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