Bob Marley: One Love #1 At The Box Office

Kingsley Ben-Adir and Lashana Lynch in ‘Bob Marley: One Love’Paramount Pictures

The Bob Marley: One Love biopic is #1 at the box office.  Grossing $80 Million at the box office worldwide in its first week, the movie opened at No. 1 in 13 markets and set new opening-day records for a music biopic in the U.S., UK and France among others.  In Jamaica, it now holds the record for the biggest film opening of all time.

The Top 5 markets to date are the UK (9.3M, second biggest music biopic opening), France ($5.5M), Australia ($2M), Germany ($1.8M) and Brazil ($1.8M).  Further major markets to come include Italy, Korea and Japan through March.

The success of Bob Marley: One Love is a prideful moment for the genre.  The movie’s soundtrack features popular favorites “Roots Rock Reggae,” “Natural Mystic” and “Jamming.”  Additional records have been broken by YG Marley, grandson to Bob, whose song “Praise Jah In The Moonlight” entered the singles chart in the UK and is on the HOT 100 in the U.S.

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