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International Dub Gathering

At the end of May, the Greensleeves Hi-Fi team are heading to Spain for one of Europe’s biggest Dub festivals from the Rototom organization, International Dub Gathering. The heavyweight lineup of some of the top Soundsystems, selectors, MCs, DJs and Vocalists are descending on L’Aldea for a weekend of live performances showcasing one of Jamaica’s greatest exports, Dub. More details coming soon!

Peer to Peer Focus: Sister Kappa From Rototom

One of the most successful music festivals in Europe is Rototom.  We had an opportunity to speak to one of the players within the organization, Sister Kappa! VP:  How did you get your start in your work?  SK:  My personal story in the Reggae Industry started when I was a teenager and Rototom Sunsplash festival moved to Osoppo in Italy where it was held until 2010 before they moved to…

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