July 1st is International Reggae Day

International Reggae Day is celebrated each year on July 1, 2021. The music genre finds its roots etched in Jamaica and is an integral part of the country’s culture. Reggae is a mix of rhythm and blues, calypso, African, and Latin American music. The music is characterized by a heavy four-beat rhythm, which is carried out by drums, congas, bass guitars, and electric guitars. Reggae music also uses a scraper, which is a corrugated stick that the musician rubs with a plain stick.


International Reggae Day is an annual event celebrated in Kingston, Jamaica. It appreciates this style of music that was brought into the world by the Caribbean. While it started there, it eventually spread into every corner of the world and struck a chord with music lovers with its easy and relaxed rhythm.

This musical holiday was founded by Andrea Davis to create an annual global reggae party. She envisaged such an event after a visit to Kingston in 1991. Whilst there, she heard a speech by Winnie Mandela on the inspiration reggae music has given to the people of South Africa in their fight against apartheid. Thus, the very first International Reggae Day was held on July 1, 1994. Many people now express that reggae music has truly served as a voice for the oppressed and an emotional outlet.

Born in Jamaica, reggae music is now especially popular in the United States, Great Britain, and Africa. This music genre has seen some great personalities taking it to new heights and making it extremely popular. The renowned Bob Marley and the Wailers are considered the most iconic reggae artists ever, owing to their efforts in bringing reggae music to the international stage.

International Reggae Day is celebrated with much gusto and fanfare keeping the spirit of the music intact. The event sees thousands of fans and musicians flocking to the country from different parts of the world to celebrate the amazing history of reggae music, its people, and its culture.

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