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Patricia ‘Miss Pat’ Chin Speaks to A2IM – Keynote Address!

The annual Indie Week conference hosted by A2IM is one of the most anticipated events on the music calendar.  Industry professionals gather to talk about trends, occurrences, and to hear the keynote address by Keynote speakers. This year, Patricia ‘Miss Pat’ Chin gave the conference’s keynote address. Sharing personal stories about her beginnings in business, Miss Pat relayed the important lesson she learned from marbles and rubber bands. Listen to…

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Dancehall Queen Spice Shares the Story Behind Her Signature Blue Hair!

(repost from wig closet filled with hundreds of custom blue units could easily be mistaken as a beauty obsession. For recording artist Spice, it’s much more than that. Instead, it’s a representation of her brand that she’s been building for nearly two decades and an eye-catching crowning expression of her legacy as the “Queen of Dancehall.” In case you missed it, blue hair transformations dominated our social media timelines…

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