Romain Virgo’s “Trouble” Video Premieres Exclusively on Billboard Today

VP Records artist Romain Virgo’s video for “Trouble” has exclusively premiered today on Billboard. The new single comes after the March release of his album LoveSick which debuted at number one on the Billboard Reggae Chart.

Directed by Kurt Wright, the video offers a unique perspective on male/female romantic relationships and infidelity as he narrates a story of a committed taxi man who goes on a journey with a female passenger when things get flirtatious.

“Trouble comes across our paths every so often. Especially as men, we’re known to be typically weak to the ladies who sometimes take full advantage and go the extra mile to get our attention,” said Romain on the single. At times we give in and we’re left with regret.”

Romain continues, “we wanted the video to give a different twist to the song because the truth is it’s not always about the physical attraction, but rather the unexpected, innocent moments that spark a crazy connection that’s indescribable.”

While “Trouble” is reminiscent of his popular songs “Soul Provider”, “Fade Away” and “Cry Tears For You”, Romain Virgo’s “LoveSick” album presents a new direction for Romain with traces of a new pop reggae sound throughout as witnessed in his March release of “Still” and 2017 release of “Now”. Executive produced by Niko Browne for Lifeline Music, with additional production by Sting International and Vikings Production, the albums message is a solid representation of love found, love lost and love found again.




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