VP Records brand new web show “On The Riddim” (OTR) is back with a second episode. The VP focused entertainment news review show launched with almost 6000 views in less then a month.  

The second episode continues what the first episode started with a summary of all of the latest releases, events and videos at VP. In this exciting episode co-host Queen Bremmer talks to emerging reggae songstress Naomi Cowan, co-host Kevin Crown reviews the epic Big Bad BBQ, the two chop it up with reps Kristina and Cassandra from Fit BK and VP’s 40th Anniversary Concert in Central Park is recapped with highlights of the sold out event. Additional Correspondents and contributors in this episode include Kesley Saul and Nova.  

The show is produced by Cerebral Entertainment. Their team consists of Producer Brittany Franklin, Production manager Sebastian Arteta, Director of Photography Reginald Louis-Jacques, Editor Kayden Li Chang and more. Production Design was by Shelby Simpson, Makeup for this episode was done by Lauri Kay Thomas and Styling by Lassalle. Additional videography and photography was provided by Ajamu Myrie, Jessica Ogunjemilusi, Skinny, Randy Richards, Yaphat Jackman and David DaSouza, Clyde Belcon and more.  

“This episode was a lot of fun and we are excited to have had our first guests Naomi Cowan and FITBK,” we believe there is something for everyone in this episode from fitness to music,” said Jennifer Valentin, Publicity Manager at VP Records and Creator of the show.  

About On The Riddim 2019 marks the 40th anniversary of VP Records, the world’s largest reggae and soca label in the world. Paving the way for many legendary reggae artists, the label has become an icon in the reggae music industry. To further enhance this status, On The Riddim, the series, aims to create a visual community for current and new fans alike to stay on top of the label’s recent news, while immersing into the culture with fun facts and interviews with artists.    The idea originated when VP Records Public Relations Manager Jennifer Valentin realized that there was an abundance of news coming from this independent label. A weekly newsletter distributed to media, which describes the various new releases (albums, singles, videos), events and event recaps and more, generally has more than 5 news items a week. That being said, the concept is to now keep the consumers abreast of all of the great things happening as well. This series will allow that to happen, every month. With a YouTube following of almost 900,000 followers, VP Records hopes this will be the catalyst to expand its audience to a new generation of viewers. Their first foray into web content development they hope to create something that has never been done before as the leading distributors of reggae music for the past 50 years.

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