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Still Celebrating Love – Christopher Martin Curates Playlist on Spotify

      Reggae and Dancehall star Christopher Martin extends ‘Love Season’ with his curated playlist available on the VP Records channel on Spotify. Selecting sentimental love songs for the Total Reggae Love Songs playlist, the songs featured are performed by the genre’s brightest stars.  Christopher tells the story of love being romantic, hopeful, passionate and consistent.  These songs are taken from the ever-expanding contemporary reggae music scene, with a…

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Top streaming service Spotify celebrates the history of VP Records with a Label Story feature, which has been promoted across their social media. This also included the video being pinned as a highlight on their Instagram page (5.2 million followers). The label story features photos and text on the story of VP Records narrated by label co-founder “Miss Pat” while putting the focus on VP Records biggest playlist, Reggae Gold,…

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