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Tarrus Riley Impresses with Desperate Lover

VP Records released Tarrus Riley’s essential version of Bob Andy’s 1969 hit “Desperate Lover.” The track was produced by Dean Fraser, the man behind Tarrus’s biggest career song “She’s Royal” and albums Parables (2006) and Contagious (2009). “Bob Andy was without question one of our greatest songwriters,” says Tarrus Riley. “His songs will last forever. It’s always a joy to work with Dean Fraser in the studio, and the history…

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How Bitty McLean Brought “Let Them Say” into the Future

(Pictured:  Bitty McLean – Photo Credit:  Markus Felix) In 1968, Reggae’s beloved song writer Bob Andy wrote and recorded the song “Let Them Say.” Singing about the hardships faced, Bob offered a hopeful stance about overcoming the plight of poverty. Bitty McLeans recent cover of the classic has renewed a fond attention for the song. The artists 2022 re-take has fans of all ages singing 54-year-old lyrics, and smoothly bringing…

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