Spice’s ‘Go Down Deh’ On NPR’s ‘100 Best Songs Of 2021’

(repost from Dancehall Mag)

The Grammy-nominated Queen of Dancehall Spice makes another substantial move in the North American music industry, nabbing a spot in the upper half of NPR’s 100 Best Songs of 2021 list. The Jamaican deejay logs an appearance at No. 48 with Go Down Deh, the popular bass-driven, Shaggy and Sean Paul-assisted lead single from her debut album 10.

NPR writer Otis Hart coins Go Down Deh “the dancehall track of the year,” adding that the Spice has “generated deserved buzz earlier this year for releasing the first official album of her 18-year career.” Hart further expanded that “Go Down Deh sits among, if not on top, her greatest hits,” explaining that “the X-rated single remains her…sweet spot.”

The author also noted the significance of seasoned acts, such as Spice, Shaggy and Sean Paul, routinely occupying space among youth-centric music consumers.

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