Peer to Peer with Emma Mathurine

You can’t think Mas in the UK and not think about Emma Mathurine!

One of the prominent makers of costumes and Ambassadors for Dominican and Caribbean culture in the UK, Emma has made it a mission to educate fans on the importance of costumes, their significance in the UK and the connection it maintains with our heritage.

VP:  How did you get your start in the business?

EM:  My Caribbean culture is a huge part of my identity and I always have taken part in Mas (Carnival) since I was a baby and have always spoken passionately about my culture and Caribbean heritage.

I approached a friend of mine who runs a carnival band in the UK about having my own section of costumes in NHC and he not only said yes, but also agreed to mentor me along the way.  This was also the point in which I created my brand Bèl Dyès.

VP:  What was your first notable project?

EM:  The release of my first carnival costume section for what would have been Notting Hill Carnival 2020.

VP:  What was your first breakthrough

EM:  I have had a few recently, to be fair. Being approached to host my first radio show was one, it’s a lot of work but has helped me to work on my skill set and meet some absolutely amazing people.  Also, performing at Panorama and Notting Hill Carnival online with my NHC section  Bèl Dyès Mas

VP:  What are you working on now / next?

EM:  I am currently preparing for Notting Hill Carnival, which is taking place in August, 2022.

I have a weekly radio show – I love learning the craft of hosting and curating a show. I am lucky to be able to have creative freedom to grow and develop and to do things that I like.

I am also learning to DJ – Which I never thought about pursuing seriously, but is something that I am thoroughly enjoying

VP:  What songs are you listening to on Spotify / Apple Music / Pandora / Audiomack?

I am a Soca and hip hop baby, but I am feeling Kendrick Lamar’s entire brand new album, also The sounds of Dominica (particularly Soca and Bouyon) from artists like Asa Bantan, Signal Band, Triple Kay, Carlyn XP, Edday and Reo, Kes – Jolene, Patrice Roberts, the Soca Queen – her entire back catalogue and up to her current day hits are on heavy rotation in my house.  Tupac – I am a Tupac obessive, (lol), Muni Long, Jaz Elise – After 3, Summer Walker – No Love!

Connect with Emma on Instagram @beldyesmas

Stream Soca Gold on Spotify:



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