Generation Z Dancehall – Unapologetically Authentic


There is a common thread that weaves through the pulse of the music being made by ‘Gen Z’ Dancehall artists; they are unapologetic and authentic.  Picking up some of the cries of their Reggae forefathers, these artists are performing lyrics detailing their resistance to poverty.  Adding to their warrior chant, they are embracing a greater life filled with riches, women and unlimited travel.

Gone are the days of hearing familiar Reggae and Dancehall riddims to accompany their lyrics, we are instead hearing alternative Reggae (Yaksta’s “Ambition”) and alternative Dancehall that many describe as being Trap (Jahvillani “MONEY-POWER-RESPECT,” Intence “Puissant” and Jahshii “Prosperity”).  Though the musical compositions do not favor the known syncopated beats of both genres, the cries for betterment remain the same.

The Gen Z movement is unapologetically authentic and will continue to capture its audience thanks to music videos that engage, social media posts that provoke, and fans who defend.  The new wave is here.

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