Dancehall Queen Spice Shares the Story Behind Her Signature Blue Hair!

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wig closet filled with hundreds of custom blue units could easily be mistaken as a beauty obsession. For recording artist Spice, it’s much more than that. Instead, it’s a representation of her brand that she’s been building for nearly two decades and an eye-catching crowning expression of her legacy as the “Queen of Dancehall.”

In case you missed it, blue hair transformations dominated our social media timelines with celebrities like Ciara, Saweetie, and Lady Gaga providing an icy approach toPantone’s Color of the Year (2020).

With a room purposefully dedicated to her 100+ wigs—each custom colored various shades of blue—there is no doubt that the Jamaican-born singer had a role in the inspiration behind the trendy look. “I am actually one of the first artists from Jamaica to sport bold, vibrant colored wigs,” Spice, born Grace Hamilton, shares with Byrdie.

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