I Wayne – Life Teachings

I Wayne – Life Teachings
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I Wayne — Life Teachings
Release date : Oct. 11, 2011
Label : VP Records
  1. Burn Down Soddom
  2. Real And Clean
  3. Empress Divine
  4. Pure As The Nile
  5. Herb Fi Legalize
  6. The Fire Song - I Wayne (feat. Assassin)
  7. Drugs and Run Vibes
  8. Wise and Fearless
  9. Change Them Ways
  10. Life Teachings (Ital Sipp'ns)
  11. Life Joy - I Wayne (feat. Etana)
  12. Life Service
  13. Care For You
  14. Do the Good





Cliffroy Taylor better known as I Wayne broke on to the reggae scene in 2004 with the hit single ‘Can’t Satisfy Her’ a contemporary roots anthem rebuking the ‘buyer and the seller’ for their worldly ways. The song played on core and crossover reggae stations across the country and launched I Wayne’s unique sound to an international audience. Two VP albums, Lava Ground (2005) and Book of Life (2007) helped to solidify I Wayne’s sales and touring base in the North American market. And now I Wayne returns with 14 new songs for reggae fans everywhere.