I Octane – Crying To The Nation

I Octane – Crying To The Nation
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I Octane — Crying To The Nation
Release date : Feb. 14, 2012
Label : VP Records
  1. Rules Of Life
  2. Help I Please
  3. Vanity Will Come
  4. Nuh Love Inna Dem
  5. Puff It
  6. No More Violence
  7. System A Beat Dem
  8. Zion Awaits
  9. L.O.V.E. Y.O.U.
  10. Missing You (Remix) - I Octane (feat. Agent Sasco)
  11. Once More
  12. The Master's Plan
  13. Lose A Friend
  14. All We Need Is Love - I Octane (feat. Tarrus Riley)
  15. Space For All Of Us - (I Octane feat. Alborosie)
  16. Crying To The Nation





I Octane is an emerging artist on the international scene but, Byiome Muir has already blazed a distinctive trail in the Jamaican music business. Starting in the dancehall genre (known as Richie Rich), the singer developed a diverse catalogue of songs and worked with many of the genre’s top producers. Over the past five years, associations with Penthouse, Arrows and Cash flow Productions have refined the singers range and lyrical content and garnered the hits ‘Mama You Alone’, ‘No Love Inna Them’, ‘Nuh Ramp Wid Wi’ ‘Puff It’ and ‘Study Yuh Friends’. Now, Robert Livingston’s Scikron productions present ‘Crying To The Nation’ a selection of roots reggae and reality songs including the ballad ‘L.O.V.E.Y.O.U.’. This debut album showcases an artist with a range of reggae styles and lyrics that enlighten and entertain.
Billboard Magazine cited I Octane as one of their picks for Best Independent Artist of 2011.