Culture – Natty Dread Taking Over (CD/DVD)

Culture – Natty Dread Taking Over (CD/DVD)
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Culture — Natty Dread Taking Over (CD/DVD)
Release date : Jul. 10, 2012
Label : VP Records
  1. Two Sevens Clash
  2. This Time
  3. See Them A Come
  4. I'm Not Ashamed
  5. Natty Dread Taking Over
  6. Baldhead Bridge
  7. Them A Payaka
  8. Play Skillfully
  9. Love Shines Brighter
  10. This Train
  11. Dog Ago Nyam Dog
  12. Tell Me Where You Get It
  13. More Vacancy
  14. Iron Sharpen Iron
  15. Garvey Rock
  16. Innocent Blood
  17. Behold The Land
  18. Work On Natty
  19. Stop The Fussing And Fighting
  20. Natty Never Get Weary
  21. Cumbolo
  22. The International Herb
  23. I Tried
  24. Too Long In Slavery
  25. Two Sevens Clash (John Peel Session)
  26. Lion Rock
  27. Armagiddion War
  28. Come Jah People
  29. Disobedient Children
  30. We A Boss
  31. Psalm Of Bob Marley
  32. Addis Ababa
  33. Riverside
  34. Legalization
  35. Election
  36. Poor People Hungry - Culture (feat. Tony Rebel)
  37. Revolution
  38. Why Am I Rastaman?





The Natty Dread Taking Over collection celebrates the life and work of Culture, one of reggae’s most iconic groups and includes the best of their work for foundation producers Joe Gibbs & Sonia Pottinger – All nine tracks from Africa Stand Alone (regarded by many as Culture’s best work) – Four “BBC John Peel session” tracks recorded in 1982 – 21 song live concert DVD including an insightful 40 minute filmed interview.

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