Beenie Man Meets Mad Cobra

Beenie Man Meets Mad Cobra
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Beenie Man and Mad Cobra — Beenie Man Meets Mad Cobra
Release date : 7/6/1995. ,
Label : VP Records
  1. Depend Apache-Beenie Man
  2. One A Year #-Beenie Man
  3. Dis Di Man-Beenie Man
  4. Bury Yu Dead-Beenie Man
  5. Tek Weh Yu Girl-Beenie Man
  6. Name Yu Call-Mad Cobra
  7. More Dem Talk-Mad Cobra
  8. Dem Haffi Move- Mad Cobra
  9. Wife Already-Mad Cobra
  10. Gun Pop Off-Mad Cobra
  11. Gun Finger-Beenie Man
  12. Look Yu Man-Mad Cobra



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