Alpha and Omega – Almighty Jah

Alpha and Omega – Almighty Jah
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Alpha and Omega — Almighty Jah
Release date : Jan. 01, 1992
Label : Greensleeves Records
  1. Almighty Jah
  2. Hand To The Wheel
  3. Dub Can Reveal
  4. Honest Opinion
  5. David and Goliath
  6. Rasta Is Merciful
  7. Merciful Viscion
  8. Africa Is Calling
  9. Banks Of The Nile
  10. Sheba's Journey
  11. Pure and Clean (ReMix)
  12. The Exile: California V. Powell (Remix)
  13. Tanernishka: Justice Has Yet To Be Seen (ReMix)
  14. Yemenite Chant (ReMix)
  15. Alpha and Omega
  16. Liberate The Nation
  17. Tanernishka: Only In Yourself (ReMix)





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